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The developers of VLC were faced with same issue the last few years and finally got around to fixing it so text would be correct scaling and readable. Enclosed is a screencap where the buttons are completely unreadable.

Looks like nothing but —— on the screen. Thanks for this resource. Oh wow, that sure is an issue. I have not seen this happen before. Do you know what the DPi settings of your screen are?

Would you be willing to do a few tests I could email you directly? I took a part of your screenshot and glued it into you message for future reference, I hope that is OK with you.

I apologize for not quite understanding what you mean. I suspect you may be referring to the so called metadata of an episode — VLC may use that to show the title, which if this is the case is not necessarily the same as the filename. In the metadata, one could also store cover art commonly doen with for example music files.

However, RMTV at this time does not support adding or modifying meta data. Please let me know if I understood your question correctly. Yes your correct maybe I can stop the vlc media player from showing title and just show the file name instead.

That way it will match each episode that plays. For macOS: p. Now the filename will appear instead of the meta data. It would be really cool if we could update metadata too! Just the title would be enough for me :. In essence the file needs to be ripped apart and rebuild from scratch with the update or new meta data added.

OK, I did some quick testing with ffmpeg, just changing the metadata title for a few video files tested mkv, avi and mp4 and these are the findings. Since most probably have p or better for their files, renaming a lot of files can be quite a long process which may or may not be acceptable. Suggestions, comments, and alternatives are most welcome …. The beta release has it build-in.

Thank you very much for the offer. Thanks for the amazing software. No more manually renaming tv shows. Added the amazon affiliate link. Running windows Testing it here I do have an UltraWide Screen , things work fine. What is the resolution of your screen maybe I can test it in a virtual machine?

Pics below. Thanks Lance for posting the pictures. There seems to be a scaling issue for some Windows users text in the buttons can become tiny , but I have not been able to reproduce the issue on my Virtual Machines VMWare Fusion.

It would be possible to do it with this program? If not, can you maybe make an option for that? For example TwilightZone and X-Files, but there may be more. I think I did a good job, but some folks always know better. So if this is the last episode, add the preferred text at the location where the user indicated.

As for open source; I will reevaluate my position in the future — not sure how many people actually work with Lazarus Pascal, but I can see an advantage to sharing code to add more powerful features. Maybe one day … unfortunately, some people can be quite rude — but I agree that it most certainly is not the majority.

I used delphi and Borland Pascal while I was at school! I knew that they where still in use, even if not popular, but I never found any app that use it. When Lazarus became available, I started working with that. The Voice : La plus belle voix in French. The RmTVs listing ends at s08e09, while the tvdb listing, currently at s08e13 goes all the way to s08e From Rename my TV 2. On tvdb page, when looking at complete season 8 ee16 , I noticed the English button was blue, I hit Francais button and there was s08 ee09 with blank spaces for ee Overall, its not bad tvdb , but as with any large database that is user-operated, I guess errors and inconsistencies are to be expected.

Maybe I should do the same for tvdb. But even that seems a lot more straightforward to achieve on themoviedb than the mayhem universe of tvdb. It all seemed off-topic! I managed to find the solution.

I had many like this. Thanks for the tip! Can you please upload a copy that can be extracted, thanks. Are you sure you have the right download?

Is there any chance you can add different scraping options? As an ex contributor to their site I used to supply TV series info, episodes, etc. Yet they refuse to adjust the listings.

Thanks for your consideration. However, it is fast becoming an obsolete option, for the above reason. I want to add TVMaze as a source, which will take some work to implement, but it seems more reliable. Can we get tvmaze support plz. Hi Gourab! Did you test the beta yet? I just have to write an update on the instructions, which will be a ton of work. Have a question though, when I type in the search box for the show, the characters get duplicated i.

If I run it as Administrator, no issues at all. Unfortunately, I have no explanation for it. Obviously not running as root. Works fine on my end. Could there be something else running on your machine that may trigger this? In this old post folks are talking about bounce keys. Not sure if it will help, but worth a try I never even knew this existed. Mine is also the only account, and as I stated this only happens with this app.

I did try your suggestion, but it made no difference. In fact it made it a pain typing in other apps. I guess it was worth a shot. But I highly doubt it. I assume you use the regular US keyboard layout.

Can you test with a second account, without any apps installed, and see what that does? Another thing I have seen in the past is the video driver being an issue — I think it may have been nVidia cards related, but it could also have been AMD cards.

I have been using the windows version under wine, which works alright and tried installing it again and checking to see if the problem still exists, and it does. I do see that a lot of applications seem to be affected by it.

Seemingly because pressing a key is processed twice on key down and on key up — so it would suggest a needed update for the file causing this issue could be XLib, could be the Kernel, or another library for that matter. In this AskUbuntu topic , I did see a crummy trick that may or may not fix this, by tinkering with autorepeat;.

This makes it very difficult to see if I can add a fix or work around. Thanks, but tried them to no effect. I did install Rename on my laptop with the same version of Mint and kernel and it works fine, so it appears to be specific to my machine.

I do recall, from a few years back, that certain video drivers cause unwanted effects, specifically a driver from nVidia for Linux. This goes a little beyond my Linux experience though. As if there is a ghost window. Hi BlaBla. I suspect these are 2 season, but I could be wrong. Your VPN should not matter in this case. RMTV downloads all season and episode information in one go. So, the order should not be affected by that.

Files are MKV by the way. MKV files are supported by ffProbe, so that should not be a problem either. As you can see the format works for the episodes added but not the files. Having images disappear after a day is indeed weird haha — I would not have expected that either.

You can test the output from the command-line, if I recall correctly:. Where yourvideo. I will be back home next week though. Cool — thanks for the ffProbe output. I do have a query…. How do I merge 3 episodes? I recently got a show from my childhood it had 3 episodes per file…. I will add this as a feature request to my To-Do list, and will see if this is an relatively easy option to add. This very useful software would be even more useful if 3 episodes could be merged :.

Yes, this has been implemented a few months ago in the beta version — give it a try. Note: Since the beta comes with a ton of new functions, I have not created it as a release version yet — kind-a waiting for users to come back with issues.

Additionally, the new functions require me to write some more on how to use RMTV, for which I have not had time yet. Also, I went to settings to check if there is a setting regarding multiple episodes I could not find any , and I realised that I can not delete items from the TV shows history.

I clicked a TV shows, clicked on Remove selected and nothing happened. No matter if I select one, or multiple with Ctrl. Awesome, and apologies for the lack of more instructions on how to use the beta — enjoy! I have seen that one other person has a problem with deleting items from the TV shows history. Is it a known issue or is it just me doing something wrong? Yeah, sorry, the other comment was about autodetect history.

Nothing happens. I do not know if this worked for me in the latest release version, because this is the first time I tried it — in the beta. I just tested it with MacOS and this works as expected.

Strangely enough not under MacOS or Linux. I found the issue. The widgetset under Windows is not identifying a selected row as such.

Thanks for the quick confirmation! Of course, donation is not required, other ways are sharing the link on social media and shopping at Amazon. It will be available in the next version — good catch. After enabling ffprobe, it worked correctly. Note: ffProbe is default disabled since most users do not use this option and ffprobe does slow down things significantly.

Sorting; another user reported an issue there as well. I have not yet found tricky ones, although I do know they exist. Thanks for reporting this though! Maybe you can copy that code into V2. For example: I do nothing with Anime. In the next release the drag and drop issue will be resolved though — sorting using the current sorting method now works there as well.

Every once in a while i may have to move an OVA or special, but most of the time i see them ahead of time and just do them in a separate batch. They get added in a random order and i have to manually click the sort button. Sounds like you are already aware of this issue though. I know it was there in 1. I only remember because disabling it used to make the problem disappear. One other small thing: for some reason after a while the search button seems to stop functioning upon mouseclick. However, pressing the return key on the keyboard will still function properly.

I used to have some scaling issues on windows when 2. Had to change system scaling as a temp fix, but i think you already fixed this.

One more thing: i have to open the folder that contains the executable and then launch the software from within the folder. Maybe a problem with the way the path to ffprobe is defined? Or maybe the global setting is causing conflicts for the software. Thanks again for the good work. I have zero experience with anime. I did find the sorting bug and in the next version sorting should work properly when doing drag and drop.

I suspect ffmpeg can do something like that, but I honestly never used it. It would slow down things significantly. Way back I had an idea to add the episode info to the metadata, but abandoned that idea real quick. Removing them would make the file no longer playable with any media player. Thanks for letting me know about the search button. But those buttons have a significant drawback. Regular button have special properties for accessibility for example for folks with no or poor eyesight, that use screen readers , the custom buttons do not have such properties.

So for blind people these custom buttons remain invisible. So they would all be standing alone, which would make things look pretty bad. Excellent feedback on the ffProbe issue! Are you running Windows or Linux? Since the development tools I use are always being further developed, one or the other function may have picked up a bug.

Like this one not finding the path of the executable. So thank you for a very good overview! When using the arrow key to navigate a long TV Show dropdown list, when reaching the top the list it cycles to the other end of the list, however, when using the mouse on the top arrow the list does not cycle to the other end. Cycling to the end is a very convenient way to get to the end of a very long list.

It should cycle the same way using the mouse as it does using the arrow key. Interesting catch! I do have to warn you though that this is most likely defined by the widgetset controls either defined by Lazarus Pascal or by the OS.

Thanks No Problem! First off thank you for this great piece of software! I have been using it for a few months now and absolutely love and appreciate your hard work! I have found some strange issue within the last couple weeks though. Sometimes, randomly, it will name one of the files in a list of other files of the same season or just a solo episode but will change the file type to nothing, leaving it unreadable by windows or any players.

I have tried adding the file extension back to the name but that does not seem to work either. I have confirmed that the file works before the rename but will not afterwards. I am running 64bit windows 10 build This only happens once in a while and seems very random. Thanks again for your help and this fantastic software! Since adding the extension does seem to work, this may or may not be related to that. Yeah, the file extensions are not hidden.

The files are zero bytes after the issue and have no properties. It is a strange issue indeed. I have just last night updated to windows 10 v and installed the new. Net Framework that came along with that update so I can report back here if the problem persists on this windows version.

I have not found any random files on my system though, and I am not sure where I would need to look for them either. However it would be nice to find out how I can reproduce this, so I can debug. I would be more than happy to email you a screenshot of my settings and I can even send you the file that it renamed if that would help as well.

Where can I find your email address? Thanks again for all the help! One thing that comes to mind is: having thumbnails enabled — not sure if this still is an issue at times under windows. The old version of the renamer stopped working a couple days ago giving me errors in the application code. Not sure what happened.

In the original application I can drop a bunch of random tv show episodes then search for them and add them as I go. Now, with this version, I put my episodes in, then I search for the first one and it clears the entire list. Try to add a second one then it freezes. Literally every time. It just throws and error and freaks out.

The original version was simpler and better, way more streamlined. You need to go back to that. The old version, since TVDB moved on to the new API, would need a complete rebuild, and at the moment I simply do not have the time available to do this. Now you can drop a mix of files on it, select different shows and assign episodes, without the list being cleared.

This brought me to two issue …. But now comes the next problem … the old version was GTK only now QT5 is also available and both come in static and shared version for ffmpeg files. Any suggestions on how to proceed? Arch Linux is very lightweight, or not. Also if you remove a rule, then the 11th rule will appear if there is any.

It seams that the extra rules exist but they are not visible. If you have a mouse with a mouse-wheel, then you should be able to scroll through the list with that. You can also increase the height of the window the list should resize then as well, showing more rows. The reason for this is that I have not found a clean cross-platform solution to show a scrollbar.

I can enable the default scrollbar, however it would add an ugly white space next to the grid if not used. Hi Hans! Thank you for your quick response! So I tried it, but I have the same problem. It goes until 10th row.

I have it on full screen so it has a lot of space to show me about 30 rows. When I add the rows, everything looks fine! It shows all the rows without a problem even if I have more than 30 rows, a scrollbar appears on the right and I can go up and down. The problem as I mentioned is when I close the settings windows. Then if I reopen it, it will show me only the first However, it has space to show me more. I also tried this in my laptop smaller screen and the problem exists in there too!

And I have found the bug. Appear to be related to SQL picking up 10 rows per packetsize run, and I forgot to set this to limitless. Good find!! Great, I tried it and it works like a charm! Thank you! Ok, so in Title Case, the first and the last word are always capitalized.

The articles, conjunctions, and prepositions are in lowercase. The other words are capitalized. There are some converters online to test this. Also, see here for more info. The same for the others. Interesting, even though it makes sense, I had not heard of this before. Italian, German, Dutch, Chinese, etc. Too bad though, I do like the idea. Thanks though for teaching me something new today. Hi Hans, Yeah this sounds like a lot of work to implement that.

Thanks for your interest though! Version 2. Thanks for catching that and reporting it! I had not noticed this. I tested the local copy and the one worked just fine — just now I tested a downloaded version and see that there indeed is a problem.

It seems like it has two program open at the same. On what other projects are you working? I forgot to add! MacOS 2. Will it also be implemented in this new version? I think is very useful to modify a csv file. I just gave it a try. Season 4 however worked just fine when I tried a minute ago. Could it be that somebody is updating the data at the moment?

I use the macos version of your fantastic app. Could it be that the problem occurs only with that? To gain speed, RMTV caches episodes and shows. Season 4 appears in what I think may be Italian sorry, I do not speak Italian.

How much you write is correct. But the difference between the Italian and English versions is that the first stops at episode 19 because there are no translations of subsequent episodes. With the version 1. This is what I would like. The episodes however is very inconsistent. The old v1 API old and is said to be taken offline soon did fallback automatically to the English names. For now I can only say that this is related to how the new API works.

After typing in a show, i get a not responding before i can select the version of the show id like to search… Am i doing something wrong? For some reason their website is very slow and their CDN every now and then reports that they are down. This could be because their server is having issues, or that there is an unexpected load that their server cannot handle.

In the future I hope to implement MazeTV as a source, as it seems more complete and more reliable. Love the app though! Sometimes it does an some times it does not find a given TV show. Some manual searches on thetdvb. But it is always super slow and I have a very fast Internet connection. As for MazeTV vs. It used to work on your old version of the program since almost all my files are in H. So it appears there is a bug in the program somewhere.

I just tested a few files with the MacOS version 2. I grabbed some test videos from x Apple ditto for Microsoft sure is doing their best to make developing application no fun. The latest beta I had to grab my test Mac to find out seems to have introduced this message. So it is signed correctly. Ok, that went less painful than expected thanks to the Lazarus Pascal community.

Try again and see if you still get the message I already approved using. RMTV on my Catalina setup, so it will not check it again.

I just uploaded the exact DMG that I used to notarize the application just in case there was a discrepancy in versions. That seemed to launch without any issues, but I had already enabled opening the previous version via the Security Preference Pane, so not sure which solution fixed it. Considera che non sono pratici di Ubuntu meno ancora di Linux, non sono assolutamente uno smanettone. Per Google Translate :. I would like to install the program on Ubuntu version Consider that they are not as practical as Ubuntu, even less than Linux, they are absolutely not a freak.

Can you provide me with a step by step procedure. The usual way for me anyway is to extract the tar. Ubuntu users, please chime in if you can. I had a mishap with my program Renamemytvseries v2. But I uninstalled and reinstalled works great. The question is, What is the best way to backup the files? I did try to copy the directory in program file before the mishap but it did not save the shows or setting when I put it back and was running v2. Thank you so much for such quick response for being there for the customer service.

I have been using the old Name My TV Series for the last couple of years aan it has still been working perfectly until today when it could not find the new show Watchmen. Sadly for some reason it cannot find my media drive which is on my Nas Synology.

This was not a problem with the old program. The media folder is shared. Unfortunately, this should not be a RMTV issue. Did you map the share to a drive letter? If not, then this could do the trick. Instead a mapped drive letter eg.

Do you get an error message? Or is it a directory? If so; can you try individual files? Press OK to ignore and risk data corruption. Press Abort to kill the program. I am not sure what triggered this warning but I clicked OK and everything seems to be fine now. So problem solved :. Thank you for the fast response by the way and now that I have your attention, may I suggest a small change. When you rename files there is a little popup asking you if you are sure you want to change the name.

It would be great if there was an option with a checkbox to not show that popup again. Ah, I had not seen that option under settings, but that works too now that I know about it, thanks :.

Yeah, I know I have spend almost less than one whole sentence on it in the instructions, which is very easy to overlook. In version 2. Is it just showing the wrong color? I had to upload yet another version v2. Donations are very welcome and support the server expenses I have every month. First off — Great program — love it! Sometimes this can also be caused by other applications opening your files, while RMTV tries to rename eg. Anti Virus, or Windows trying to make thumbnails [I always disable that feature].

But: I do not know this as a fact, it is just what I have picked up from several discussions at for example the Kodi and LibreElec forums. Awesome program!! I had the old RMTV program for some time but never had the need to use it because I was mainly ripping ISO movies to build up my movie server library and was at a point where I needed to put some TV series on it.

Came back to RMTV site to read up on how to use what I had and found out there was an updated version. Was a fool and did my first TV series manually using Word, copy and paste, five seasons with around episodes, it was very laborious manually inputting all that was needed to correct a lot of episodes.

Like any other application, Outlook also has some issues and bugs of which some are known and have been fixed, while there may be some which have not received and required attention yet. Though there could be many reasons why Outlook crashes or crashes on your PC, in this article, we will walk you through a couple of issues and the outright solution to each, respectively.

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Many users commonly report Kaspersky Anti-Spam add-on as causing the issue, and so disabling it solved the issue for them. If McAfee Antivirus software is installed on your system, then you should know that some of its features may cause crash problems.

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Publisher (Office) Crashes – Microsoft Community – What advantages do you get from our course help online services?

Note: While this issue can happen with different Publisher versions, it seems to happen most frequently with Publisher under Windows


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