Glossier hoodie

Glossier Hoodie and it Best Alternative on Amazon

Getting a hoodie for the season? Or you want to get the full details of the beautiful Glossier hoodie manufactured in sleek pink color. Want to know what it is in a simple definition right…? I mean glossier hoodie itself.

Glossier hoodie

Here it is; “Glossier hoodie is a plush hoodie with a kitten-soft fleecy inside, metal-tipped drawstrings and an open-front pocket pouch with a Glossier logo signature.” That’s the definition as given Glossier themselves.

So, you know Glossier enough now right?

Good enough. Do you have one too? Hope your answer is YES. Well, if you are actually on the other side of the bridge which is “NO”, then it’s high time you got yourself one of the Glossier hoodies and you’d sure thank me later for the little piece of advice, that am pretty sure of.

Hey! I know the pink of a color mentioned above makes it sound like the hoodie is for females alone, but I stand to correct that notion right away. The glossier hoodie is a unisex sweatshirt made to fit all and not the beautiful ladies alone. It’s made to give a super comfy and soft feel to all and sundry.

Buying for someone?

Make sure to know the perfect size before placing an order and make sure you add a rose if it’s for her (the men understand that line).

Rose is red, the Glossier hoodie is pink and your love is pure (colorless). Now, what do you think about that line…? (drop your thoughts in the comment box).

Product Description

  • Manufactured by: Glossier
  • Material: 70% Cotton and 30% Polyester
  • Color: Pink
  • Price: $109

The price is $109. Pretty expensive right? But, it’s totally worth it.


That’s not all we’ve got for you. You might want something different maybe due to the fact that you already own Glossier hoodie in your collections and you need something different. Well, welcome to the perfect spot.

We’ve got a whole similar collection from different manufacturers, different prices, and different colors. The pinky limitation is or will be taken out once you’ve gone through the list below.

Why we listed other products?

The taste they say is different and as such, it differs from one person to another. What you like might not be your partner’s taste, and what he/she likes not to be yous too. It’s very contradicting and that’s why we’ve helped you compile a list of the best alternatives to the Glossier hoodie.

Starting with is…

Bucking Ham Haloscope Men’s Ultra Soft Hoodie Sweatshirt

Glossier hoodie

Sweatshirt for the winter, summer and fall, Super smooth comfy feel given by its material and design, Printed #haloscope on the upper chest level in the colors of white on a black hoodie sweatshirt.

The hoodie crafted mainly for the gentlemen features a heavy feel, with soft cotton or poly blend stitching, and a perfect printing of the logo pictured in texts. The high-stitch density, a jersey-lined two-ply hood, double-needle cover-seamed armholes, and its waistband plus the extra roomy front pouch pocket which makes it built to last and become highly functional, giving more value for your money than expected which makes it similar to the Glossier hoodie or more… (I reserve the rest).

Thinking of gifting someone a gift? Is he a fashionista, hoodie lover, handsome, or smart casual fan? Then look no further than this.

This is the perfect gift for him. So long he’s a man and knows what quality and comfort mean, then he will surely fall in love with this as a gift.

Said to be Created for men but I can recommend as a unisex. Meaning you could get it for you both as a couple of hoodie uniform…

Product Description

Manufactured by: Bucking

Material: 90% Cotton and 10% Polyester

Color: Black

Price: $38.99

A good one for the price of $38.99 I say. Now, what are you still waiting for?



Under Armour Fleece Chenille Logo Pullover Hoodie

Glossier hoodie

Here’s one for the ladies that love beautiful hoodies. The Apex Pink Under Armour Fleece Chenille Logo Pullover Hoodie which is almost a lookalike of the Glossier hoodie but has color differences is a perfect replacement or an add-on to your wardrobe.

Like it cool, smart-fit, comfy, and stylish? Then Under Armour hoodie is a go-to product for you.

Product Description

Manufactured by: Under Armour

Material: 100% Polyester

Color: Apex pink and other available varieties

Size: All

Price: $29.97

The 4.5 stars rated hoodie is just $29.97. So, I’d be surprised to see you pass it by.


Hanes Men’s Ultimate Cotton Heavyweight Pullover Hoodie Sweatshirt

Glossier hoodie

How amazing it’s to have such a powerful text free front design hoodie which is perfect for every occasion, seasons, and what have you…

Cotton made, sleek Heavyweight and comfortable design to give you the perfect masculine look and authority.

They say “less is more”, I totally agree when it comes to the Hane’s Men’s Ultimate Cotton Heavyweight Pullover Hoodie Sweatshirt which has only a difference of text prints from the Glossier hoodie but has the Ultra-comfortable, sleek feel, and design which makes you look way more mature than a baby boy’s sweatshirt (don’t take me too serious).

The hane’s hoodie which comes in different colors has drawstrings that make it easier for easy adjustment, it also comes with cover-seamed armholes and waistband plus a two-ply hood with grommets and a front pouch pocket for you to hide the fingers from cold.

Product Description

Manufactured by: Hanes

Material: 90% Cotton and 10% Polyester

Color: black and other variety of colors

Size: All

Price: $11.49 – $39.47

Now at a price of $11.49 – $39.47, I expected you to have placed your order. Well, you haven’t right? Follow the link below to get yours or get one for him.


Bella + Canvas Unisex Poly-Cotton Fleece Full-Zip Hoodie

Glossier hoodie

Love the skies! You should definitely love this awesome blue Bella + Canvas Unisex Poly-Cotton Fleece Full-Zip Hoodie which is what I call a twin Glossier hoodie that serves the same and more purpose than the Glossier pink hoodie.

Why say that?

Pink is more feminine and at such, females are expected to buy the Glossier hoodie more. But this Bella Canvas Unisex Poly-Cotton Hoodie which is manufactured in the seducing colors of blue and carefully added white-colored zip and Drawstrings can be boldly worn by both sexes without a second thought.

Product Description

Manufactured by: Bella

Material: 90% Cotton and 10% Polyester

Color: Blue

Size: All

Price: $32.46

Love Glossier and can’t afford it? This $32.46 hoodie is a perfect replacement.


You now have a wide range of options to buy from. Be you a man/woman, boy/girl, or husband/wife, you have an option to buy yours or gift one to someone for that special occasion or season.

Which did you opt for? Let us know in the comment box.

Didn’t get a choice here? Let’s know about that too.


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