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Logic pro x supported control surfaces free

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The 7 Best Control Surfaces for Logic Pro X () · 1. Korg nanoKONTROL2 MIDI Control Surface – Black · 2. Behringer X · 3. Mackie Control. Try it for free. Best Rated. NOTE: Currently, the RØDECaster Pro’s MIDI control feature is only fully supported by Logic Pro X (Mac). PreSonus FaderPort · Best MIDI Mixer for Logic Pro X: Akai Pro MIDImix · Best Control Surface for Professionals: Behringer XTOUCH · Most Portable.


Logic pro x supported control surfaces free


Do you need them to be? Does it have an LCD screen? Do you need one? In this sense, not all boards were created equal. Some have more controls. Some have less. The size of the control surface has a lot to do with the functionality it comes with too. The controls obviously have an impact on workflow as well, so we suggest doing a bit of homework before purchase.

Does the control surface work with your operating system and DAW? Does it integrate the way you need it to with your gear? And though most of the products featured here should be plug and play, some may not work quite as well as others. Each console takes up a different amount of space. This may seem insignificant at first, until you realize you may not have all the desk space in the world to accommodate your new gear.

The dimensions for each product are easily findable, so be sure to look it up and compare it against the space you currently have available. And if you end up purchasing extenders, LCD screens, or other add-ons, it could end up costing you more.

So, be sure to spend responsibly and stay within your budget. Otherwise, save up for the desired product. Each of these brands is reputable, well-known, and creates a wide range of products for musicians and music producers.

Icon Pro Audio or iCON Pro Audio specializes in control surfaces, keyboards, interfaces, headphones, microphones, studio monitors, and processors. PreSonus makes a wide range of products, including mixing systems, studio speakers, control surfaces, studio accessories, software, live sound reinforcement, audio interfaces, and networking. PreSonus was founded in and is the leading designer and manufacturer of recording and live sound hardware and software. Behringer creates products in the following categories — monitors, controllers, DI boxes, rack mixers, mixing consoles, studio bundles, audio interfaces, headphones, studio controllers and meters, guitar and bass, audio tools, effects and signal processors, amplifiers, DJ equipment, microphones, MIDI equipment, drums and percussion, keys and synthesizers, lighting and stage, and loudspeakers.

Sometimes you can still end up with duds, though. This was Behringer as we know it today in its early form. Novation was founded in and is headquartered in High Wycombe, United Kingdom. They make Launchpads the Launch Control XL basically falls under this category , Grooveboxes, synths, keys, merchandise and accessories, and software.

While testing, I connected the device to Logic. It offers a really stunning functionality level with all the faders, knobs and buttons. The device supports the MCU protocol quite extensively. The transport buttons here feel really firm and sturdy and are very functional.

For example, they have lights to show their current status. The jog wheel also enjoys this design feature. That said, it is not as firm as the transport buttons and feels rather cheap and tacky. The large, chunky size, however, makes up for this lapse. One of my favorite features — something few control surfaces in this budget offer — is the small LCD scribble strips at the top of each channel fader.

This instantly tells you which track or parameter you’re controlling. The standout feature for me, however, has to be the motorized faders. It’s one of the rare control surfaces on the market with a whole array — nine — of motorized faders.

As mentioned earlier, the interaction with Logic is one of the best features of this device. It has full support with Logic as well as other DAWs.

Despite the integration with Mac OS, the lack of a Mac editor is jarring. The build quality is a little disappointing considering the price. The motors on the faders is tacky and feels liable to break. The lack of customization options in the editor is also a letdown. Recommended for: Gigging musicians that have a home studio will find the functionality of this device quite ideal. It’s also great if you want to move from a small home setup to something that’s more professional. For our money, this is the best control surface for Logic Pro X as far as performance is concerned.

Even the design language follows that purpose. You won’t find unnecessary screens and tabs and buttons. Everything is limited. Some might see this as a problem, but I see this as a perfect example of a tight, single-purpose device.

You won’t have to spend hours studying the manual; everything is intuitive and easy to figure out on your own. Throw in the fact that it also has wireless connectivity though latency takes a hit and a small footprint, I rank it as the best control surface for Logic Pro X if portability is a top priority. At the bottom of the front panel, there are the long-throw faders.

The top of the panel features the Mute, Solo, Record, and select buttons. This is a departure from the Kontrol 2 which had the aforementioned buttons cradled between the faders. Aside from these buttons and the faders, the front panel has a single jog wheel and a scene button. I like the increased functionality this offers.

It allows me to change through 5 controller assignment pages with ease whenever I use it in the MIDI mode. The keyboard layout on this device is also intriguing. There are an additional 8 knobs and trigger pads as well as an axis touch controller. Given the focus on simplicity, all the buttons are clearly labeled Mute, Solo, Record, Select.

This really improves the user experience, at least for beginners. Additionally, the rear panel features a switch that toggles between the USB or Bluetooth mode. While testing, I found the connections easy to make and quite seamless.

However, I encountered some connectivity problems when using the Bluetooth function on a low battery. Latency is also questionable over Bluetooth mode, but if you’re producing on Garageband, it’s more than acceptable. The NanoKontrol Studio is compatible with a number of apps. When I connected the control surface to my MacBook, I discovered that there are plenty of modes available. The device functions just as a normal MIDI keyboard does when connected to the computer.

Mapping had to be done manually as there is no Live remote script or Logic plug-in. However, the keys afford a lot of functionality. They offer the user a built-in Arpeggiator among other functions. The touchpad has 3 different functions that are accessed by using the buttons just south of it. Each device can run independently or can be part of a control surface group comprised of multiple devices as described in Create control surface groups in Logic Pro. The number of devices that can be used simultaneously depends on the number of free ports available on your system.

Additionally, the QCon Pro X is expandable up to 64 channels, making it a great choice for larger projects. The QCon Pro X is a great choice for those looking for a control surface with a lot of features. It features 43 assignable, backlit user keys and human engineering optimized for fast, comfortable operation.

The large, central Alps mm touch-sensitive motorized fader with bit resolution and LED ring provides smooth level control of your main mix or channelstrip. The segment LED meter bridge keeps an eye on your levels, while the OLED display provides information on track names, plug-in parameter values and more. UF8 is USB 2. The LED ring around the encoder provides an instant visual feedback of the assigned parameter.

The app provides you with a number of workflow-enhancing features such as:. This is especially useful when dealing with large projects. The OLED display provides information on track names, plug-in parameter values and more.

Intelligent Channel Encoder is a great feature that allows the user to control the DAW with great ease. The encoder automatically detects the type of parameter that is being controlled and adjusts the resolution accordingly.

It provides the user with great control over their DAW and allows for a great workflow. The only downside is that it is not compatible with all DAWs. However, the DAWs it is compatible with are some of the most popular ones. No driver installation is necessary; just plug the control surface into a USB port and take command of your mix. FaderPort 16 features 16 touch-sensitive, long-throw faders; 16 Scribble Strip displays; and complete transport controls, making it easy to control every aspect of your session.

The Session Navigator provides quick access to track scrolling, channel banking, timeline scrolling, and more. Channel controls include level, pan, solo, mute, and record arm. Automation controls let you touch, latch, trim, write, read, and off. You can also use the fader port 16 to control plug-ins, bus sends, and panning. USB 2. The buttons are clearly labeled and easy to use. The Channel controls include level, pan, solo, mute, and record arm. You can also use the FaderPort 16 to control plug-ins, bus sends, and panning.

PreSonus FaderPort 16 features 16 Scribble Strip displays, which let you see the names of your tracks and parameters at a glance. The displays are backlit, so you can see them even in low light conditions. The FaderPort 16 also features a large, easy-to-read LCD screen that shows you vital information about your session.

It offers universal compatibility, transport controls, scribble strip displays, and much more. That being said, the FaderPort 16 is a great value and an excellent choice for anyone looking for a quality DAW control surface. The X-TOUCH features 9 fully automated and touch-sensitive mm motorized faders, making it easy to see every move or automation you write in real time.

The included LCD scribble strips provide an instant visual readout of which track and parameter you are adjusting, eliminating the need for old school tape-and-marker labeling. The Behringer X-TOUCH features 9 fully automated and touch-sensitive mm motorized faders, making it easy to see every move or automation you write in real time.

The LED collars provide an instant visual readout of the parameter you are adjusting. The Mackie Control software is a free download from the Behringer website.

It features 9 fully automated and touch-sensitive mm motorized faders, 8 rotary controls with LED collars, and 92 dedicated illuminated buttons. This tiny powerhouse will surprise you in every stage of your recording and mixing session. Presonus Fader Port is a perfect combination of low budget and powerful control surface. You can get it with just a fraction of money than other standard control surfaces.

This 5. If you are searching for the best control surface for logic pro x then this will be my 1st recommendation. Presonus Fader Port has dedicated transport control. However, many control surfaces have dedicated transport controls but imagine a control surface you can hold on your hands when operating.

This is an added advantage of Presonus Fader Port and makes you more comfortable in a long recording session.


Logic pro x supported control surfaces free.5 Best Control Surfaces For Logic Pro X [Updated 2022]


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